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April 5, 2010
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Mass Effect: Need by Armesan Mass Effect: Need by Armesan
EDIT: Updated version here - [link]

"Everyone needs to believe that I'm still the same. That the Commander Shepard who died two years ago has returned unscathed from the abyss.

The truth is, I'm not the same. But for the sake of my people, my crew, they can't know that I am shaken, uncertain......scared.

They need me to be strong. They need a leader who doesn't show fear. So for them, I will keep my uncertainties to myself, and be what they need."


Yep, more Mass Effect. I always thought Shepard was a bit too accepting of the whole back-from-the-dead thing. This is my foray into why that is.

Mass Effect (c) Bioware

EDIT: Holy crap thank you all for your comments and favs :D. They really mean a lot. Especially when attempting to do the more emotional and deep pieces. Many, many thanks
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Soulfire117 Feb 19, 2014  New member
Exactly what I thought about my Shep when she came back. Man, you're doing great with the deep pieces. Good work.
In about 75 words, you gave more than Bioware did in a whole game.  Excellent work.
Homefry21 Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Damn man. This is awesome!
Armesan Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
I love the description. I can actually see femshep saying it. In my mind, I made my Shepard feel exactly like this... because I felt like she would have been doubtful of herself but she knew her crew looked to her for guidance, and Cerberus was looking for the "old" Shepard to lead the mission, yet she was unsure of herself, but she hid it from everyone. She needed to be what they needed her to be.

That's the magic of Mass Effect, you can project your own emotions and opinions into a character. I know I would have felt exactly like this if I were in such a strange position.
The art itself is good, it definitely conveys emotion ... but the description really makes it perfect. You ever have one of those moments wear you read something and it "sounds" like a character or person's voice in your head? Yup. Femshep's voice came through loud and clear.
Loooove it! I always thought the same about Shepard with the whole coming back from the dead and how she/he took it waaay to easily.
Great emotion capture. I totally played my Fem Shep in the same manner, because seriously, how mentally messed up would that make you?
FallenTesla May 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
this is awesome. those are simply the only words I can put to it. you have done Sheppard proud.
Now this is one message I have dreaded writing. I have a *major* apology to make. I'm an admin of a Facebook page called Mass Effect Female Shepard - - and for a long time now this picture of yours has been in the albums of the page. :S

It must have been added by a previous admin prior to us bringing in the policy of adding links to originals in photo captions, and before I became the sole admin last year and brought in my own policy that no further picture would be uploaded to any album without a) reference to the artist and a link to their original in the photo caption and b) permission from the artist in question. I am so, so sorry about that.

I've really dreaded this moment because this picture has been one I admired for a very long time. You're one of the few people that makes a FemShep that doesn't look like a pretty pretty princess. She looks tough, she looks like she could do the job and she has dropped all the girly frivolousness people seem to assume a woman must carry.

Anyway I will completely understand if you want me to remove your picture from the page's albums. Until that time and should you decide otherwise, I've corrected the caption to include reference to you as artist and a link to your original here. your picture is here: [link]
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